CrimeStoppers crime-fighting data for May

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data refreshed: 14 June 2024

Does CrimeStoppers Really Work?

One premise has underlined the statistics — and the successes — of CrimeStoppers throughout four decades of service to Memphis and Shelby County: in virtually every crime, somebody somewhere knows something that can help law enforcement solve the case.

The willingness to help is the very essence of citizen involvement in fighting crime. When that someone comes forward— even with an anonymous tip that will keep the person’s identity forever secret — justice can prevail.

The CrimeStoppers story also is one of a wider community cooperative effort. When law enforcement agencies, city and county elected and appointed officials, the news media, the merchant and business community, and plain citizens who want to keep their neighborhoods safe all work together to keep our program strong and to put the criminals behind bars, the community can thrive and its people will feel safe.

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