Extra Awards

Awards over and above regular CrimeStoppers awards are sometimes offered by individuals and groups to help solve cases. Periodically the amounts change or even are no longer offered. To learn what is available in an individual case presently call (901) 525-5122. Call tips or extra award queries anonymously to 528-CASH (2274) or via secure webmail.

Jacobi Price

$7,500 extra award available in murder of Jacobi Price

Jacobi Ryan Price, 19, was shot and killed in an apparent carjacking March 4, 2022 on Carnes Avenue near the University of Memphis. He was shot several times and thrown from his own vehicle, an Infinity. Police later stopped the same car and arrested three men, including a juvenile, on unrelated charges.

Ava Christopher

$20,000 extra award available in hit-and-run death

Ava Christopher was driving on Central Avenue in midtown just after midnight Tuesday, July 25, 2023 when a driver in a red Dodge Challenger drove through a red light at Cooper Street and slammed into her Sonic.

Christopher was taken to the hospital where she died. The driver of the Challenger, a male and his female passenger ran from the scene of the crash, heading south. The car they were in had been reported stolen.

$10,000 extra award in 2020 murder of pregnant woman

Keierra McNeil and her unborn child were shot and killed in Cordova August 20, 2020.

She was sitting in her car in the parking lot of a Walgreen’s store on Walnut Grove Road that afternoon. A man walked up and fired several shots before fleeing in a car.

$14,000 award has been posted in arson death of Memphis firefighter

Lt. Jeffrey Norman died while fighting a fire in south Memphis July 18, 2023. Two days later investigators ruled the fire was started by an arsonist.

$4,000 award posted by family for hit-and-run bicycle victim

Cooper Thomez was biking through Overton Park June 19, 2023 and came to the park’s bike plaza entrance at East Parkway and Sam Cooper. When he started to cross East Parkway he was struck by a gray or silver sedan.

Thomez was thrown 50 feet by the impact. His bike was mangled. He suffered numerous injuries and is still recuperating.

The $4,000 award is in addition to an award by CrimeStoppers in this case.

A $25,000 extra award available in Timothy Odum homicide

Tim Odum was killed near his car outside a convenience store at the intersection of Ford Road and King Avenue the night of June 1, 2023. At least two men are believed involved in this shooting.

The family has increased the award amount, and has posted billboards in the city, in the hopes of helping detectives solve the case. It is believed there may be witnesses to the crime who have yet to come forward.

“I just want to know what happened and who killed my brother,” said Ciciro Perry.

Odum was 43. He wore a prosthetic leg, which was taken in the assault.

Anyone with information should contact CrimeStoppers at 528-CASH (2274). All calls and text messages are kept anonymous at all times.

$30,000 award available in Gloria Johnson murder

An extraordinary award of $30,000 is available to anyone who can supply information that helps police make an arrest in the 1974 murder of 19-year-old Gloria P. Johnson. The cold case homicide has been given renewed investigative focus thanks to her family’s posted award money of $28,000. That, with the $2,000 available from CrimeStoppers could go to someone who provides new information.

Ms. Johnson’s body was found by firefighters investigating a brush fire in southwest Memphis October 16, 1974. She was not from that neighborhood and police believe she was killed elsewhere and her body was placed under a pile of branches and set fire.

Call CrimeStoppers at 528-CASH (2274) or the Memphis Police Department’s Cold Case Unit at (901) 636-3300.

$10,000 award available in Clarence Teal murder

Victim Clarence Teal

An extraordinary CrimeStoppers award of $10,000 is available to anyone whose anonymous tip helps police solve the murder of Clarence Teal on August 28, 2022.

Memphis Police detectives need the public’s help identifying three suspects in the killing that occurred late in the afternoon on a Sunday on Henry Avenue in the Highland Heights neighborhood of east Memphis. Video camera footage clearly shows three hooded men in all black clothing as they pull up to Teal, 42, in a dark gray Infinity.

The suspects are all black males. One was driving and the other two held automatic weapons. After a brief struggle they shot Teal several times. He was found by patrolmen who arrived by 4:45 p.m. Paramedics transported Teal to Regional One Hospital. He was pronounced dead on arrival.

Teal’s family posted $8,000 with CrimeStoppers in October. That combined with the $2,000 available in homicide cases from CrimeStoppers raises the total in this murder to $10,000 to anyone who calls 528-CASH (2274) with information helping authorities make an arrest. All calls are anonymous and cash payments are made subsequently if information receive helps solve the case.

Suspect number 1

Suspect number 2

Suspect number 3 (driver)

Overall photo of gunmen

Suspect vehicle


SOLVED: Award of $10,000 made available in man’s carjacking homicide case

A $10,000 CrimeStoppers award is available to anyone with information that leads to an arrest in the murder of Terry Henderson Jr. during an apparent carjacking in Raleigh on Friday, August 12, 2022.

Henderson’s body was found in the street just before midnight at the intersection of Kerwin and Battlefield drives. He had been shot several times. His Nissan Maxima was found the next day outside the Breezy Point Apartment complex in Frayser.

An anonymous donor has put up $8,000. That will be combined with $2,000 regularly available from CrimeStoppers in homicide cases for a total of $10,000 cash award available to a successful tipster. All calls to CrimeStoppers 528-CASH (2274) number are strictly anonymous.

Henderson worked for Youth Villages. He was the second staff member to die this year in unrelated incidents of violence.

$25,000 award posted for help in string of liquor store break-ins

An extra award of up to $25,000 cash now is available to citizens who contacts CrimeStoppers with information that will lead to one or more arrests in more than 40 brazen “grab and run” wine and liquor shop burglaries since May.

A similar MO was used in each case, with one or more cars driving up and people jumping out of cars, busting windows and grabbing bottles of alcohol.

Mallory Morgan, crimestoppers

Mallory Morgan

$20,000 award available for help in murder of Rhodes student

An extra award of $18,000 cash now is available to any citizen who contacts CrimeStoppers with information that will lead to an arrest in the May 12, 2022 homicide case of 27-year-old Mallory Morgan. The amount when added to $2,000 paid by CrimeStoppers in homicide cases, amounts to a $20,000 award.

Morgan, an employee of UT – Memphis, died as she drove into her apartment complex — the Tuscany Midtown Place Apartments — about 12:30 a.m. After gunfire, her car drove into another parked car. She was found inside her car by police.

Drew Rainer

$5,000 award offered for help in murder of Rhodes student

An extra award of $5,000 cash now is available to any citizen who contacts CrimeStoppers with information that will help authorities make more arrests in the Oct. 3, 2021 home invasion homicide case in which young Andrew (Drew) Rainer Jr. was killed.

Several individuals broke into a house on McLean Boulevard in Midtown in the early morning hours that day. Rainer and a second victim were shot. Rainer died at the scene.

Rainess Holmes, 36, was arrested and charged with first degree murder and other felonies two days after the crime. Detectives seek the public’s help in identifying the other perpetrators of the crime.

The Rainer family put up $3,000. Added to CrimeStoppers maximum of $2,000 makes for a $5,000 award in this case.

Update: 2 arrested in Young Dolph murder case

Big award offered for information of suspect’s location

A man wanted in the shooting death of Memphis rap star Adolph Thornton, Jr., also known as Young Dolph, has been added to the Tennessee Most Wanted list.

Up to $15,000 is available to anyone who helps authorities track down and arrest Justin Johnson, 23, also of Memphis. The reward will be paid by the U.S. Marshals Service, the Memphis Police Department, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation and CrimeStoppers.

Justin Johnson

Acree family adds $6,000 to award in car shooting

John Wayne Acree Jr. was on his way home on the evening of August 4, 2021. It was 7:30 p.m. and he driving on Holmes Road near Airways when someone in a black sedan shot several bullets into his VW Beetle.

Acree was struck in the head and later died.

The family’s $6,000 had been added to the $2,000 available from CrimeStoppers for a total of $8,000 to any tip that helps lead to an arrest in this murder.

Family’s contribution builds a $2,500 award in Tony Wallace case

Extra award money of $1,500 received by CrimeStoppers means that $2,500 is available for information that might lead to an arrest in the murder of Tony Wallace.

Wallace, 27 and the father of a six-year-old daughter, was found shot to death in his blue Camaro April 13, 2020 on Titus Road at East Mallory Avenue, near Parkway Village.

It appeared the shooter had been sitting inside the car. Wallace, a tattoo artist, was found with his shoes, jacket and keys missing. The public’s help is needed in this case. Detectives are seeking any information that might create new leads. Tipsters who contact CrimeStoppers anonymously are eligible for the award if an arrest is made based in part on the detail(s) provided.

Governor offers $15,000 in Demonte Johnson cold case

Thirteen-year-old Demonte was visiting family that day and walking on Looney Avenue near Leath Street in north Memphis when he was shot and killed. He was rushed to Regional One Hospital where he later died.

No other details were available to police; the MPD Cold Case Unit hopes the awards will allow someone to contact them or CrimeStoppers with information.

$50,000 is made available in murders of 8 children

Up to $5,000 is available in eight different killings of Memphis children from January to September, 2020. The awards will be paid by the U.S. Marshal’s Office.

Here are the incidents:

  • Jadon Knox, age 10, was killed by gunfire on January 19 from an unknown vehicle while standing on the front porch of a residence in the 700 block of Josephine Avenue.
  • Ashlynn Luckett, age 6, and Lequan Boyd, age 16, were both shot on January 20 when gunshots entered a home in the 6800 block of Kirby Mills Cove.
  • Hilda Trejo, 9-months-old, died from inflicted trauma on January 22 at a home in the 4600 block of Willow Road.
  • Jalen Dodge, age 17, was shot in the roadway on March 18 in the 1600 block of Sunset Street.
  • Tyrell Jones, age 15, was shot in a vehicle on May 7 in the 4000 block of Barron Avenue.
  • Alajah Reynolds, age 16, was found shot on July 11 in a vehicle in the 3100 block of E. Glengarry Drive.
  • Demetrius Robinson, age 17, was shot on September 3 in the 3800 block of Elvis Presley Boulevard.

$5,000 offered in Midtown arson case

The award will go to anyone who provides information that helps make an arrest in recent felony arson and vandalism at Averhealth, a lab located at 1486 Madison Avenue.

The amount will be added to any award approved by CrimeStoppers.

$5,000 in extra awards announced slaying of man at his home

The amount is offered by the family of Herman Wright. He was shot in the morning hours as he sat on the porch of his home on Preston Street in south Memphis. Someone knows something about this murder and investigators need help solving this crime.

Wright was 59 years old, a father and brother. The family’s award makes a total award of $6,000 possible in this case for information that can lead to an arrest.

$5,000 in extra awards announced in drive-by homicide

The amount is offered by the family of Rafael Smith. He was shot December 2, 2019, about 2 a.m. as he travelled on Elvis Presley Blvd. and approached the intersection with South Parkway East.

A white SUV drove alongside and someone fired multiple shots into Smith’s car. He died soon after from his injuries.

Smith was 34 years old, a husband, father and businessman. The family, which lost his older brother in a similar kind of shooting two years before, offers the extra reward in the hopes someone will come forward with information that will help authorities make an arrest. The family’s award makes a total award of $6,000 possible in this case.

$9,000 in extra awards announced in expressway shooting

The family of Kari Hardin has provided the extra award money for an arrest in a shooting in the early hours of July 3, 2020 on I-240 near Poplar Avenue. Hardin was driving with a passenger when multiple shots struck her car and blew out the windows.

The vehicle from which the shots were fired may have been a late-model SUV Yukon. An assault rifle with military-grade ammunition was used in the crime. Hardin was hit by several bullets. She arrived at the hospital in critical condition but has survived the assault. The passenger wasn’t hit. The extra award makes as much as $10,000 award possible for information leading to the arrest of the individual(s) responsible.

$20,000 in extra awards announced in Jan. drive-by slayings of 3 children

At the request of Shelby County Attorney Gen. Amy Weirich, Gov. Bill Lee’s office has announced $20,000 in awards are available in the murders of Jadon Knox, 10, and Ashlyn Luckett, 6, and her uncle LeQuan Boyd, 16 this past January.

The three were killed in two drive-by shootings over the Martin Luther King weekend. Anyone with information is asked to contact anonymously CrimeStoppers, 528-CASH (2274).

The governor’s office has offered two $10,000 awards in the separate homicide cases. The amount is over and above the award up to $1,000 in cash available via CrimeStoppers of Memphis and Shelby County for information that leads to one or more arrest warrants in the cases.

The Governor’s portion of awards are contingent on an arrest and conviction in the cases.

Ashlynn Luckett

Jadon Knox

LeQuan Boyd

$1,000 extra award is offered for information leading to the identity of anyone who broke into Gordin’s Liquor and Wine shop, 1781 S. Prescott Street late the night of Wednesday, April 8, 2020.
Thieves stole items and did a lot of damage to the store. Anyone with information is asked to contact CrimeStoppers by calling or texting (901) 528-CASH (2274) or by sending a secure webmail message at crimestopmem.org/tips.
All contacts are anonymous. In this case the owner has provided $1,000 cash in addition to whatever award is granted by CrimeStoppers.

A reward is offered for information concerning individuals involved in a riot in Frayser the night of June 12, 2019 in which several Memphis Police officers were injured. Any information could be helpful. Call 528-CASH (2274).

$2,500 offered for information that helps police make an arrest in the July 7, 2019 murder of Justin Love. The 22-year-old man was standing on the balcony of his apartment on South Mendenhall Road when he was shot at 8:44 p.m.

Justin Love


$5,000 offered for tips leading to the arrest of those involved in a shooting outside Southern Steel, 475 N. Dunlap Street, on Monday, November 27, 2017. Dondrielal Cunningham, 27, was shot as he stood with another individual. Gunfire came from someone in a black SUV driving by. He died at the hospital.

$5,000 offered for tips leading to the arrest of those involved in a shooting outside outside a Frayser group home in October. DeMario Hughley, who lived and worked at the home, had stepped outside one night to smoke a cigarette when he was approached by one or more individuals who shot him to death. Hughley’s wife, Memphis Police Officer Rosetta Hughley, is due to have a child her husband will never know.

$11,000 offered for tips leading to the arrest of those involved in a shooting outside the Mynt nightclub just after midnight on August 26, 2017 in which New Orleans firefighter Gregory Howard, 37, was killed. A group of people had confronted the club’s DJ with complaints about the music and were forced to leave. Later at least two shooters fired into a crowd leaving the club in the 4200 block of Hacks Cross Road. Howard was in Memphis to participate in a first responders basketball tournament that weekend. Howard, a nine-year veteran of the New Orleans Fire Department, left behind a wife and two sons.

$6,000 offered for tips leading to the ID and charging of the driver of a silver Ford Mustang in the hit-and-run death of Christopher Phillips, 32, at 8:20 p.m. February 22, 2017 on Madison Ave. at Morrison St. just west of Overton Square. Witnesses said the car continued east. The victim’s photo:

Police released this surveillance video screenshot.

$6,000 offered for information leading to the ID and charging of one or more suspects who just before midnight on July 26, 2016 shot Monique Brown, 23, at her home at the Madison at Cypress Lake Apartments near Quince Road and Bill Morris Parkway. Ms. Brown died a short time later at Regional One hospital. The victim’s photo:

$4,000 offered for information leading to the ID and charging of one or more suspects who on January 20, 2017 shot 20-year-old Yasna Tahiro as he drove a car in the 5300 block of Gloucester in Raleigh. He died shortly afterwards at Regional One hospital. Tahiro’s family is from Ethiopia and he came to Memphis a year ago from Minnesota. The victim’s photo:


$6,000 offered for information leading to the ID and charging of one or more suspects who on November 16, 2016 around 11 p.m. fired upon a 2016 Toyota Corolla driven by Domino’s Pizza delivery person Mia Jones at Airways Blvd. and Ketchum. Miss Jones’ car crashed after the apparent ambush. She was found by police with gunshot injuries and died at Regional One.

COLD CASE – $11,000 offered for information leading to the ID and charging of one or more suspects in the slaying October 9, 1989 of Nancy Little, 32. Ms. Little, eight and a half months pregnant, was found in her 1988 white Honda parked in front of 2061 Slate Road.

$5,000 offered for information leading to the identification and charging of one or more suspects in the slaying of Mike Morgan, a.k.a. “Psycho” on February 21, 2015. Morgan was shot on Apple Blossom Dr. in southeast Memphis.

$20,000 offered to anyone with information that can lead to the charging of one or more suspects in the death of Calvin Wilhite in a shooting May 24, 2015 at Fourth and Martin L. King streets downtown. Wilhite was shot after a verbal altercation with two unknown males in a gray or green Chrysler.