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CrimeStoppers reaching
into Hispanic community

CrimeStoppers has created a program called Pago Confidencial to help people who speak Spanish as a first language in Memphis and Shelby County to know how to participate in CrimeStoppers through tips about crime and criminals.


Channel 24 local news did a story. Click Here

Copperheads nabbed in act of cutting stolen metal thanks to a tip to CrimeStoppers' Copperstoppers program.

New CrimeStoppers program aims to stamp out the ‘Copperheads’

Copperstoppers was created by a coalition of business and government organizations composed to fight the theft of and illegal sales, purchases and transportation out of town of copper and other scrap metals.


Copper stripped from wiring, appliances, plumbing or electrical boxes may bring hundreds of dollars when sold, but often results in thousands of dollars in damages to homes, apartments, churches and other facilities.


Now it must stop. Special awards up to $1,000 over and above normal Crimstoppers awards are available for information leading to arrests.


Help stop the criminals — we are calling them copperheads — doing economic harm to our community.



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NEW! Report a tip 3 ways. Citizens can help solve crimes by sending a text message or a tip on the web. * read on *

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CrimeStoppers of Memphis and Shelby County remains a vital tool in fighting and solving crime in our community.

Because citizens pay attention and want to help bring criminals to justice, they anonymously contact us with tips — by calling our hotline or texting us, or by sending a tip by web mail. When tips lead to arrests, we pay cash.

CrimeStoppers also prevents and solves crimes and investigates other troubles that directly affect school students and senior citizens through two unique programs called Trust Pays and SeniorBsafe.


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Call it a kind of “Catch-22.”

The more tips that come in to CrimeStoppers, the more crimes are solved and criminals arrested and money our organization gratefully pays out.

As money goes out, more must come in. To keep up with a growing number
of cash paid for tips, we rely on donations and gifts. Your help, in any amount, is key to keeping CrimeStoppers strong and persuading citizens to tell what they know.

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